Having spoken to both Steve Taylor and Mel Pooley yesterday, there is obviously still some confusion as to where we are in regards to Cricket East. With so much going on I apologise, and hopefully this will explain things fully.

You may be aware that Jenny Lambert resigned at the end of September, and on the 1st October Cricket East was fully operational, based in offices at Wyboston with funding from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire and ourselves. Cricket East is to deliver programmes that we are assigned to in respect of the Memorandum of Understanding, a document compiled by ECB of which all Cricket Boards have to sign up to, to guarantee their funding. Our contribution to Cricket East is 75k for one year, for which they will deliver our programmes in conjunction with our affiliated Associations.

The Cambridgeshire Cricket Board still exists, and at present we are recruiting a new team of Directors. We are planning to return things to where there were at the inception of the Board in 1998, with our two main constituent bodies, the CCA and the County Club, leading operations and incorporating all the other affiliated bodies into full discussions and Directorships. The only items solely controlled by the Board will be County Age Group cricket, the Performance and Secondary Schools Programmes, the Ground Repair Machinery Project and Welfare and Safeguarding.

Matt Morley, who has been delivering our Chance to Shine Programme, is still in post; although now directly employed by Cricket East. Furthermore, Jenny is not being replaced by a Development Manager. There are three Club and Community Managers, Phil Lewis, Will Sneath and Ed Ballard, all employed by Cricket East, to oversee and help with their assigned Clubs and Schools, in three regions across Cambridgeshire and surrounding Counties. They will be in touch with all Club Representatives over the next few weeks. We no longer have the office at Histon, and Julie Ankers our Board Administrator is still in post, although now based in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Finally, looking at the next few months, the Board AGM will be incorporated with the CCA AGM on 21st February 2018. The CYC will be reformed to oversee Age Group Cricket and the Operational Management Group will be restored, so every associated body have the opportunity to question and report to the Board.

I hope that answers a few unanswered questions that are maybe circulating; further information will be forthcoming over the next few months.

Keith Coburn, Chairman


The ground repair machinery trailers can be booked from or


All clubs are reminded that Scorers MUST hold valid DBS (ex-CRB) Certificates. Regular Scorers might like to join the ECB Association of Cricket Officials which includes a free DBS check anyway. There are Scorers courses available which lead to an ECB ACO qualifications. Contact the Cambs ACO Scorers Officer Helen Hyde on 07970 943713 or for details.